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Westminster Quay Hotel

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Westminster Quay Hotel, originally uploaded by Elwin Witzke.

This is one of the interesting hotels in the Vancouver area.

Operation Christmas Child

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A sign that Christmas is close at hand, is the discussion about getting ready to fill a shoebox with gifts for a needy child. Everyone can help make a child’s day brighter through Operation Christmas Child.

Our family has participated for many years as our children grew up, both through our church and christian school. It is easy to anyone to fill a shoebox and deliver it to one of the thousands of groups assembling shipments of shoeboxes. If you don’t know about this program, check out this short video.

How to write a love song

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Although it’s not Valentine’s right now, this little video is good reminder at any time. Its also catchy.

From: Mahalo Daily

Walk along “El Camino Del Rey”

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If you want to hold your breath for a while, take a walk along the the “El Camino Del Rey” in Spain. Don’t forget to look where your feet are walking.

Some more information at Wikipedia.

Telus marketing is not smart

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Ah, the wonder’s of smartphones, internet in your pocket and a really, really big dead spot.

I was in the Skytrain station (Granville) a few days ago and noticed all the Telus ads. New smartphones, Blackberrys and all kinds cell phones. Stay in touch, access the internet etc, etc.  Kinda makes me want to visit my local Telus dealer to get something new.

But wait!

Telus doesn’t have any service in the underground Skytrain stations in Vancouver. Hasn’t had it ever that I can remember and I’ve been a Telus customer for at least 15 years. I see lots of people using their phones – I wonder who they are with? Definitely not with Telus or Bell, our local CDMA carriers.

Why is that Telus can’t get it together and get the appropriate antenna system installed in the tunnel? Not enough high-paying business customers? They seemed to be able to do it for the tunnel by the PNE. Well,  the worlds a-changin, and more and more of those high-paying business customers are moving transit (ie. Skytrain). 

What a joke, advertising your phones and the cool ($$) services in a place that has no signal.

I think Telus marketing needs to have a heart to heart with Telus engineering and infrastructure delivery.

Lessons for life and business in 50 words

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With Twitter we are forced to be short and to the point. 140 characters and your done.

But could you communicate a deep and meaningful thought, a short story in just 50 words (and only 50). Rajesh Setty can. He has published some of his mini sagas together with a fitting photo. Check out Mini Sagas: Bite Sized Lessons for Life and Business.

This set has 15 mini sagas – check out “Lost” and others.

Sometimes we are lost

Sometimes we are lost is a great site that has a variety of thought provoking manifestos.